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The Diamond Jewellery Studio has been creating stunning diamond jewellery for over 30 years. Our expertise has made us one of Melbourne’s leading diamond experts. We are proud to offer a range of diamonds collectors and jewellers love, especially if you are looking for a Melbourne engagement ring.

Discover our selection of wholesale diamonds below, or contact our team if you would like to visit our Melbourne studio.

Trusted Diamond Wholesaler in Melbourne

Investing in diamonds is an excellent way to expand your collection and offer a greater selection to your customers. If you want to find the right investment, The Diamond Jewellery Studio can source the perfect diamond for your collection.

We are among Melbourne’s most trusted diamond wholesalers. We’ve achieved success through consistency and a commitment to quality. That means clients can rest assured that each of our diamonds is conflict-free, high-quality and comes with GIA Certification.

Our diamonds are sourced from contacts all over the world. We partner with leading De Beers Sightholders to offer an incredible selection at competitive prices, providing the best value for every budget.

If you are looking for the perfect diamond for your collection or an engagement ring, speak to our team and we’ll handle the rest.

GIA Certified Diamonds

The Diamond Jewellery Studio has a wealth of experience in crafting beautiful pieces of diamond jewellery.

For us, it’s important to select genuine, high-quality diamonds that have been sourced from responsible sites. We maintain this commitment by only partnering with sources we trust, and supplying each of our diamonds with GIA Certification.

GIA Certification verifies the 4Cs of each diamond – the Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. We provide certification so you can be sure that the wholesale diamonds you purchase are genuine articles.

One of the most important factors in the value of diamonds is the cut. Our partners can source diamonds in every cut imaginable. From traditional shapes like emerald or diamond cuts, through to complex examples like TripleEx H&A™ diamonds.

Whether you are investing in the future, expanding your collection or purchasing wholesale diamonds for your next jewellery piece, we can find the perfect gemstone for your budget.

Wholesale Coloured Diamonds

The Diamond Jewellery Studio offers Melbourne’s biggest range of wholesale diamonds. With sources all over the world, we’re able to supply diamonds in any cut, grade, colour or size you need.

In addition to our range of White Diamonds, we can source a broad selection of Australian Pink Diamonds, as well as exotic colours like blue, champagne and yellow.

Coloured diamonds are some of our favourite gemstones to work with. They make our pieces stand out, and the rarity of high-quality coloured diamonds makes them an excellent choice for investors.

Because coloured diamonds are so in-demand, it’s important to verify that your stones have come from a reliable source. We take care of this process on your behalf, giving you peace of mind that your diamonds are responsibly sourced and conflict-free.

If you want a flawless white diamond, rare pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine, or any other type of coloured diamond, our team can source the perfect gemstone.

Don’t Just take our word



The Diamond Jewellery Studio offers a range of wholesale diamonds in Melbourne, including a number of affordable options.

We are accredited members of the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA), the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA), the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct Committee (CDCC), and also the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). This has helped establish our team as a reputable dealer of diamonds in Melbourne.

Diamonds are generally a good investment. The value has remained high over long periods of time, and the rarity of jewellery-grade diamonds means they are always in demand.

If you’re purchasing loose diamonds as an investment, our team can help select the diamonds Melbroune investors value the most.

High-quality diamonds are the best option for investors. Flawless diamonds are valued more highly and hold their value better over time. Regardless of the size of the diamond, the clarity, colour and quality of stone will determine its long-term value.

Coloured diamonds can also make an excellent investment. Gemstones like pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine are very rare, and they tend to increase in value over time.

When you shop for wholesale diamonds in Melbourne, it’s important to buy from experts who can give you high-quality gems that hold their value. Buying from a specialist also makes it easier to find rare coloured gems and unusual cuts, which can make your collection even more valuable.