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A romantic style, 3 stone trilogy engagement rings feature three brilliant diamonds, which represent the past, present and future of your relationship. At The Diamond Jewellery Studio, we are often asked to create trilogy diamond rings and offer a number of different styles from traditional to modern. Our jewellery specialists can help create the perfect ring, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, an engagement or a special gift. 


There are many reasons why trilogy rings are so popular. A trilogy diamond ring is a very symbolic piece, which is why trilogy engagement rings are great for those who want something a little different from a solitaire or halo. When you propose with a 3 stone diamond ring, you have diamonds that represent every stage in your life together, from the past to the present and future, so there’s a sentimental meaning behind these rings.

If you love trilogy engagement rings, but you’ve already tied the knot, then don’t worry. Trilogy rings are also the ideal design for an eternity ring, and we can create a three-diamond ring that’ll sit alongside her engagement and wedding ring. Take a look at our 3 diamond ring designs and you will no doubt find one that’s perfect to mark the birth of your first baby or a special anniversary.


One of the best things about a trilogy ring is that you don’t just get one diamond, you can choose three. While many people go for a trilogy engagement ring with three white or colourless diamonds, trilogy diamond engagement rings can work very well with coloured diamonds too.

If you take a look at some of our trilogy diamond engagement rings, you’ll notice that a colourless middle stone with two coloured diamonds on each side can look very effective. Choose a ring set with diamonds of her favourite colour, whether it’s a light pink or deep blue. You can also choose other precious gems like sapphire or emeralds. Whatever stone, diamond or otherwise that you would like, we can give you lots of choices of gemstone, so you can pick the perfect ones for your ring. All our engagement rings feature the highest quality gemstones to ensure you’re happy with the finished product.


When it comes to trilogy rings, engagement rings are the most popular use for this style, but we can create a three stone ring for any occasion and in the style of your choice. Visiting our studio means you can have trilogy rings and engagement rings made in any sort of style, and you might want to consider different diamond cuts such as:

  • Round cut diamond – the most popular cut for a 3-diamond engagement ring, this is a timeless style. We can also create bespoke wedding rings to sit perfectly alongside your ring
  • Cushion cut – if you like cushion cut diamonds, consider having this as the main stone, flanked by two round stones
  • An emerald cut diamond ring – emerald cut works well in a trilogy, and is ideal for those looking for art deco rings
  • Princess cut – if you want a trilogy engagement ring with a more modern style, consider using princess cut diamonds

You can also choose the metal in which your ring will be set.

  • White gold diamond rings – a long-time favourite, white gold is contemporary and gives a crisp finish. 18ct white gold is hardwearing and lasts a lifetime
  • Yellow gold – while yellow gold rings fell out of favour for a while, they have been making a big comeback in recent years and are ideal for classic designs
  • Rose gold – those who want something modern and unique might want to look for a rose gold engagement ring, which is ideal for showcasing white and pink diamonds

If you’ve been unable to find the perfect 3 stone ring in your local jewellers, make an appointment at The Diamond Jewellery Studio and we can create the perfect diamond trilogy ring just for you. With our dedicated studio in Queen St Mall, you’ll find your perfect diamond engagement ring in Brisbane with us.


Once you’ve gone through the design process for your 3 stone engagement ring, the design will be made in our workshop by Nick Ireland, a master craftsman with years of experience of creating high-quality jewellery.

When your three stone engagement ring is made, we ensure the highest quality materials are used, and that your 3 diamond ring is crafted to last a lifetime. We use the gems you picked out during your appointment and follow the notes we made during the appointment, so when you collect your 3 stone diamond engagement ring, you can be sure it has been made to your specifications. If you are looking for 3 stone engagement rings in Australia, we are one of the premier experts in creating beautiful diamond trilogy engagement rings.

If you’re looking for diamond trilogy rings in Australia, then The Diamond Jewellery Studio is the ideal place to start your search. From emerald cut trilogy engagement rings to three stone engagement rings with coloured diamonds, we can create the piece of diamond jewelry of your dreams. To get started, simply call us on (07) 3012 8860 or e-mail and we can discuss your needs and potentially make an appointment.

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A trilogy engagement ring or eternity ring is made up of three stones that represent your past, present and future. This sentimental style is ideal for couples who are just getting engaged, as well as those who’ve been married for a few years and want to buy their loved one something symbolic.

The romantic meaning of a trilogy diamond ring, where the stones represent the past, present and future, means it’s a popular choice for an engagement ring and ideal for those who want something different from a solitaire. Trilogy diamond rings can also be great as eternity rings or as an anniversary gift.

If you’re looking to buy a three stone diamond ring, it’s best to speak to a reputable jeweller who specialises in diamonds. This ensures your trilogy ring is made with the best quality diamonds and you get a piece of jewellery that’ll last a lifetime.