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Looking for something special? Step away from the status quo and consider looking through our collection of pink Argle diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia.

Australian pink diamonds are a striking way to show someone how much you care. The last Australian pink diamond mine closed in November 2020. Because each stone has its own unique shades of pink and qualities, the supply and value of these diamonds will grow over time.

Hard-wearing and long-lasting, pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine can help you make a statement when you’re lost for words. Wondering how Diamond Jewellery Studio works with pink diamonds to hand-design personalised rings? Read on to learn more about the ethereal qualities behind these stones, what to look for when making an pink diamond selection, and commonly asked questions we receive from our clients.


Mined in the heart of the Kimberley, pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine are globally recognised for their striking colour and soft, romantic appearance. Rare pink diamonds have long been a coveted gemstone that will become more valuable with time.

Why? Because few countries around the world can mine pink diamonds, Diamond Jewellery Studio has relied on the gemstones found in Western Australia’s Kimberley Argyle diamond mine, a location that closed in 2020. Now that the last diamond producing Argyle Mine in Australia is closed, there are few places around the world where you can get wholesale pink diamonds.

As for our current selection and recently completed rings, loose pink diamonds are an excellent choice for engagement stones. Each pink diamond is examined for:

  • Colour saturation and intensity
  • The presence of secondary colours including purplish pink, champagne, or red
  • The rarity of the colour combination
  • Carat size
  • Overall clarity

While white diamonds are graded by their lack of colour (transparency), coloured diamonds are most often graded according to the concentration of their colour. From a light, blush pink to a deep pink-red, every buyer can find a gemstone that meets their budget and vision for the perfect engagement ring with our team.

Deeply experienced in handling precious stones and matching investment-worthy materials with potential diamond selections, you can work alongside our master jewellers to design an Australian diamond engagement ring.

Sourcing from the Argyle Diamond Mine

Believing in the authenticity, standards, and mining practices used to source Australian pink diamonds, our collection of existing stones spans an enormous range of colours, grades, and price ranges.

Working only with locally sourced stones, our team is committed to creating beautiful pieces that contribute to the world’s pink diamond supply in an ethical, sustainable way.


If you’re interested in investing in loose pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine or are considering a ring that includes an argyle pink stone, reach out to us in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane today. As an expert Australian team in pink diamond jewellery, we can discuss the expected prices, clarity, colours, and quality of our wholesale pink diamonds, ready to be set in stone. Connect with our in-studio team today to discuss our rare argyle pink diamonds collection and how we can kickstart the process of designing your custom pink diamond ring.



Due to their rarity, brilliant colour, and limited global supply, pink diamonds are one of the more valuable gemstones in the diamond market. Graded by the concentration of colour, presence of secondary colours, clarity, carat, and size, pink diamonds from the Argle mine can be valued up to twenty times the price of similarly sized white diamonds.

With select stones reaching upwards of $2M per carat, Diamond Jewellery Studio is committed to offering a selection of pink diamond stones that vary in shade, size, and price. If you’re interested in designing a show-stopping ring, wedding band, or bespoke jewellery, connect with our team to discuss your budget options first, and we can recommend stones that will match your needs.

Absolutely. With more Argyle diamond mines closing worldwide, there will be fewer pink diamonds on the market in years to come, especially loose Argyle pink diamond stones that haven’t yet been incorporated into jewellery design.

Because Nick Ireland and his team work exclusively with Australian-mined pink diamonds, our stock of locally sourced pink diamonds will increase in value over time. Since there are fewer options for colour, size, and clarity, we expect the value of our last few stones to go up, making them great investments for collectors and wedding bands alike.

In short–no. Argyle diamonds refer to pink diamonds mined exclusively from the Western Australian Kimberley region in the Argyle Diamond Mine. Named after the local area–and Lake Argyle–Western Australia was one of the few global areas that sourced pink diamonds and became a recognised provider of these vibrant gemstones.

With the Argyle Diamond Mine now closed, Australia is no longer producing or supplying new pink diamonds, meaning the Argyle diamonds available on the market are set and each stone will continue to grow in value over time.

Other suppliers of pink diamonds worldwide include India, South Africa, Canada, Russia, and Brazil. Because of our teams’ commitment to sourcing local gemstones that can be traced to authentic Australian origins, our current supply of pink diamonds is limited to available stock. Fortunately, because of our love for coloured diamonds and the bespoke jewellery we have handcrafted over time, including pink stones, potential buyers will still be able to access and select their perfect gemstone from our verified Australian collection.

Much like other precious stones, we recommend having a potential purchase evaluated by a professional jewellery maker or gemologist to ensure its authenticity, value, and grade.

Among the many features that contribute to the overall quality of a pink diamond are its colour, the presence of secondary colours including red, purple, and champagne, size, clarity, and carat.

Because of the limited supply of the world’s pink diamonds, every gemstone sourced and offered by Diamond Jewellery Studio has been verified for authenticity and grade. With a variety of pink stones available that can match different budgets, settings, and designs, working with our expert jewellery makers is a lifelong investment in a sustainable, ethical diamond industry.

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are sourced exclusively from the Lake Argyle, Kimberley region of Western Australia. With only a few countries able to mine pink diamonds worldwide, the last Australian mine that could source pink diamonds was the Argyle Diamond Mine, which closed for operations in 2020.

Other countries that can source pink gems include Canada, Russia, Brazil, and India. Because of our studio’s commitment to tracing our pink diamonds, verifying their authenticity, and supporting the Australian mining community, we only source Argyle diamonds that were sourced from the now-closed Argyle mine.

With access to a wide range of pink diamonds that vary in value, grade, clarity, and size, we can help you design a bespoke ring outfitted with authentic argyle diamonds. Expected to increase in value due to limited global supply over time, working with our team means investing in an ethical diamond supply chain and investing in jewellery that will stand the test of time.