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Buy Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Mine

Looking for something special? 

Step away from the status quo and consider our collection of pink diamonds for sale. Sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, pink diamonds feature a unique hue that looks incredible in any setting.

For those with exacting tastes, you can also buy pink diamonds directly from our collection as loose stones.

We have curated an extensive collection of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine. Our range features diamonds in a variety of sizes, cuts, grades and hues, giving you the option to select diamonds that suit your tastes.

If you want to take things a step further, you can work alongside our experienced craftsmen to shape your pink diamonds into the perfect diamond engagement ring.



The natural colour of pink diamonds is due to distortion in the diamond’s crystalline structure. This is caused by intense heat and pressure after the diamond has formed.
Pink diamonds are unlike any other type of coloured diamond in the world. Most coloured diamonds get their colour from trace elements found in the crystalline structure, such as boron and sulphur. Researchers have never found any trace elements in the makeup of pink diamonds. Instead, their colour comes from a slight misalignment in the structure of the diamond.
The distortion in pink diamonds causes them to absorb light differently, giving them their signature pink hue. Although pink diamonds are found in several mines around the world, pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are said to have the finest and most intense pink colouration.

Diamond Jewellery Studio sources our pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia.

The Argyle Diamond Mine ceased operation in 2020. Before it shut down, it produced some of the world’s finest examples of pink diamonds. The Diamond Jewellery Studio is committed to only selling pink diamonds that meet our standards for quality, authenticity and providence.

Although the Argyle mine has shut down, we offer a wide range of pink diamonds for sale. Our catalogue varies greatly in value, grade, clarity and size, so we can supply the perfect diamond for any piece of jewellery you have in mind.

Like other precious stones, pink diamonds vary greatly in price. Their value is affected by things like:

  • Stone colour
  • Clarity
  • Size and cut
  • Mine of origin
  • Diamond grade

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are some of the most sought-after in the world. They’re famed for their rich hues, clarity and size, and they have become the gold standard in diamond ring design.

In addition to our jewellery making services, our craftsmen also offer loose pink diamonds for sale. We maintain a stock of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine to suit most budgets, with your choice of cut, colour, clarity and grade.

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are exceedingly rare. While the Argyle mine was in operation, pink diamonds only accounted for about 1% of its total output. With the mine now closed, these diamonds are increasing in rarity and value.

The rarity of genuine pink diamonds has made them a highly prized selection for custom jewellery, such as engagement rings. Not only does the pink hue complement many precious metals, these diamonds provide an enchanting, timeless look that will never go out of fashion.

If you are looking at pink diamonds for sale, speak to a reputable jeweller or gemologist to verify that they have come from the Argyle mine. Diamonds from other sources are more common and have a lower market value.

No. Pink diamonds are mined at a number of sites around the world. Other countries that can source pink diamonds include Canada, Russia, Brazil and india.

The pink diamonds mined in other countries are not always produced in an ethical manner. To ensure our precious stones uphold the highest standards in ethics and authenticity, we only source pink diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Much like other precious stones, we recommend having a potential purchase evaluated by a professional jewellery maker or gemologist to ensure its authenticity, value, and grade.

Among the many features that contribute to the overall quality of a pink diamond are its colour, the presence of secondary colours including red, purple, and champagne, size, clarity, and carat.

Because of the limited supply of the world’s pink diamonds, every gemstone sourced and offered by Diamond Jewellery Studio has been verified for authenticity and grade. With a variety of pink stones available that can match different budgets, settings, and designs, working with our expert jewellery makers is a lifelong investment in a sustainable, ethical diamond industry.