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Champagne diamonds get their colour due to the presence of a trace of nitrogen, and depending on the levels, they can either be a very faint brown, have traces of yellow or orange, or be a very dark brown. In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for champagne diamond rings, and if you’d like to incorporate champagne diamonds into your engagement ring then we can help. Nick Ireland at The Diamond Jewellery Studio is an expert in coloured diamonds, so whether you want a champagne solitaire, or want to combine champagne and white diamonds, we can create the right look.


If you are looking for a way to make your engagement ring unique, then you can’t go wrong with a champagne diamond ring. While these rings are a big style trend at the moment, they are also the kind of pieces that never really go out of style. Champagne diamond rings have all the timeless qualities of diamonds, but put a twist on this classic style, showing you or your loved one’s unique side.

While some people choose a champagne diamond solitaire, one of the great things about Australian champagne diamonds is that they pair well with other coloured or white diamonds. You could add blue diamonds to your ring, especially the lighter hues, or even an Australian pink diamond from the same Argyle mine. Pink diamond is a very versatile gem that can take on many styles.

Some people also like to use other gems as well as diamonds in their ring. When you design an engagement ring, peach sapphire is an excellent choice. Peach sapphires also come in lots of different tones, so you can find complementary colours. Take a look at our dedicated Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane ring stock.


Visiting The Diamond Jewellery Studio means that when you are looking for champagne diamond engagement rings, you aren’t just stuck with one or two styles to choose from. Your champagne diamond engagement ring will be completely unique and special to you, with lots of different ways to customise it and ensure it’s exactly what you have pictured in your head.

You can even choose the exact gemstones you want set in your ring, which might include:

  • Pink champagne diamonds – pink champagne diamond engagement rings are a light brown colour with a pink tinge, which creates a soft and subtle look. If you want a feminine style, choose a pink champagne engagement ring
  • Australian champagne diamond ring – if you want your diamond to be sourced in Australia, many of our champagne diamonds were mined in Western Australia
  • Peach champagne sapphire engagement ring – an alternative to a colored diamond is a peach sapphire, which has a warm tone. Sapphire, diamond and other gems could even be combined for a unique look

You can choose a number of different settings, but some of the most popular looks include:

  • Oval – a more modern take on the round cut, an oval champagne diamond engagement ring can make a bold impression
  • Pear – consider a pear cut champagne diamond ring if you want something vintage style. This is sometimes known as a teardrop champagne diamond ring
  • Multiple stones – consider a 3 stone champagne diamond ring to represent your past, present and future. This type of diamond ring is ideal for an eternity ring or anniversary gift

It’s also worth considering what kind of metal you want your diamond to be set with. A champagne diamond rose gold ring is a popular option, as the pink tones bring out the natural colour of the ring. We can create a 14k rose gold diamond ring that is modern and stylish. There are also options such as white gold, yellow gold, platinum and more.


The Diamond Jewellery Studio offers all sorts of champagne diamond rings in Australia, whether you want a champagne diamond solitaire ring, or simply want to add a halo or some shoulder diamonds in a champagne colour.

The great thing about choosing a champagne diamond solitaire ring is that it really shows off the beauty of the diamond. As the only diamond in the ring, your attention is drawn towards it, so we help you pick out the most suitable gem for this type of ring.

If you’d prefer your champagne engagement ring to have a white or colourless diamond at the centre, we can find the perfect diamond with beautiful clarity as the heart of your ring. You can then add champagne diamonds to the design. Those who are looking for a champagne diamond rose gold ring will often choose this option.

There’s no right or wrong way to design champagne engagement rings, and by using our bespoke service, you can let your imagination run free and we’ll design and make your perfect ring.


When you are looking for champagne diamond rings for sale, it’s worth visiting The Diamond Jewellery Studio before you go elsewhere. We are the best source for champagne diamond rings in Australia, as we are experts in coloured diamonds and create quality, handcrafted jewellery. As jewellery specialists, we can ensure you get the right ring, whether you plan to propose, or are visiting with your fiancée.

We have studios displaying some of our work such as champagne engagement rings in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and if you’re looking to buy a champagne diamond ring, book an appointment with us. We can show you some example pieces to give you inspiration for your own ring, we will then sit down with you and discuss what style you want, as well as other details. Unlike other jewellers, who just show you champagne diamond rings for sale, when you visit our studio, you have endless options. Whether you want an engagement ring or champagne diamond eternity ring, we can help.

Book an appointment at one of our studios today to find champagne diamond rings in Australia. You can either call us on (07) 3012 8860 or e-mail info@diamondjewellerystudio.com.au to find out more.

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The cost of a champagne engagement ring depends on a lot of different factors and will mostly depend on the diamond or diamonds you choose. When you’re looking at champagne and cognac diamonds, the general rule is that the gems with the lightest hues are the least expensive, while the darkest browns are rare and cost the most.

Champagne diamonds have exactly the same qualities as colourless diamonds. They are strong and long-lasting, so can be used in a champagne diamond engagement ring or other jewellery that’s worn day to day. Make sure you buy from a reputable jeweller and have it set in yellow, white or rose gold, or a strong alternative like platinum.

Diamonds sparkle due to reflection, dispersion and refraction. A darker coloured diamond will offer less sparkle, although a good craftsman will be able to cut the diamond to show it off as much as possible. If you are looking at champagne diamond engagement rings that sparkle, opt for lighter hues.

It can be difficult to find a champagne diamond ring in Australia, as these beautiful creations are still not as popular as colourless diamonds. Your best bet for finding champagne engagement rings is to visit a jeweller who specialises in coloured diamonds, as they will usually have different hues.