Pink Diamond Engagement Rings
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Pink Diamond Rings Are Ideal for a Unique Look

Pink diamond rings offer a unique aesthetic that can mark your relationship as something truly special. The rarity of pink diamonds makes them a popular choice for diamond engagement rings. Their natural hue and beauty helps to create styles that are eye-catching and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

When you choose a bespoke design from us, you can select options such as:

  • A pink diamond ring with a solitaire, cluster, or halo, giving you lots of style options.
  • A range of precious metals, including rose gold, which is stunning when paired with pink diamonds.
  • Mixing and matching your gems – you don’t have to just pick one shade of pink. You’ll see pink diamond rings in a variety of hues, and you could even go for more than one hue for an ombré effect.

The craftsmen at Diamond Jewellery Studio have created a stunning range of pink diamond rings. Our rings blend the beauty of pink diamonds with traditional styles, settings and precious metals, offering a unique look you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Design a Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamonds are a stunning option for your ring. We blend modern styling with a traditional aesthetic to create settings you won’t see anywhere else.

For those with more exacting tastes, the Diamond Jewellery Studio can also handcraft a custom ring to suit your loved one.

Bespoke jewellery is what we do best. With over four decades of experience in crafting custom engagement rings, our jewellers have the skill to design something you’ll love.
When you design a custom pink diamond ring with us, we’ll tailor every aspect to suit your requirements. You don’t need any experience in designing jewellery – we take care of every detail. We can work using one of our existing designs as a starting point, or you can sit with us and create something utterly unique.

Our rings come with your choice of precious metals, settings and gemstones to ensure we achieve your personal taste and style.  


Pink Diamond Rings

Pink diamonds symbolise romance and femininity. They mark a tenderness between two people, and are also said to be a symbol of grace.
The meaning behind pink diamonds makes them the perfect choice for rings. With delicate colouration, they’re the ideal gemstone for pairing with a range of precious metals, like yellow or rose gold.

The pink hue of our gemstones stands out when set with white diamonds, with the two types of stones highlighting the natural beauty in each other.

Pink diamond rings with Australian diamonds are popular because the Argyle Diamond Mine closed in 2020. It was the only Australian mine producing pink diamonds, so the rarity and value of its gemstones is only set to increase in the coming years.

Several other countries produce pink diamonds – including Canada, Russia, Brazil and India. Pink diamonds from these mines are less vibrant than Australian gemstones, making them less desirable for rings.

The beauty of rare Australian pink diamonds means that they look good in pretty much any setting. This gives you the freedom to choose a setting that works best with the size and shape of the ring, and the precious metal you’ve chosen.

For a contemporary look, try a channel or bezel setting, or go classic and opt for a prong setting to show off the stone. For something more traditional, consider a halo setting with a pink or white diamond at its centre.

If you are having a custom pink diamond ring made by the Diamond Jewellery Studio, we will give you a lead time to create your ring.

If you’ve opted for a rare gem such as a pink diamond, we may need time to source one of the gems you’ve selected. Speak to our team about which pink diamonds we have in stock, as this can speed up the process.