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White gold has always left a lasting impression. It’s beautifully understated elegance perfectly surrounds a brilliant diamond in a way that other alloys simply don’t. If you are looking for the perfect balance our 3-carat white gold rings are sure to turn heads with any outfit or attire. A bespoke, trend-setting white gold engagement rings are the envy of everyone wherever you go. We offer engagement rings in Australia from our three studios in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


We make it easy to find the perfect setting and stone for your occasion. Whether you want your engagement ring white gold, or have an eye for 18 carat white gold rings in general, we have what you need. We are the leader in bespoke diamond jewellery with a proven track record of excellence spanning decades. Receiving a ring of this colour has been rising in popularity over the last few years and we remain on the cutting edge of bespoke design.


Choosing your ring can be tough with so many options available. If you are having trouble choosing the right design for your perfect ring then you may want to go with a bespoke hand made band. Our talented designers are masters in the art of handmade jewellery and are ready to make your dream white gold ring a reality. One of our 1 carat white gold rings could be just the right base for your stunning creation. Whatever your desire, we are there to make it something special in your collection.

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White gold is an alloy or mixed metal and is typically coated with rhodium for appearance as well as protection. It is more susceptible to dings, scratches, wear and tear – the coating can eventually wear off if not looked after properly. This makes white gold a good fit for someone who will wear it, as well as store it, with care. Platinum is one of the hardest metals on earth and is easy to maintain compared to a white gold engagement ring, so it is a perfect fit for the active person who desires to wear the ring every day.


Like any precious metal, white gold regularly fluctuates in price. This is only one factor in the price – it is also currently a popular choice, which of course affects the price. These are the main factors in determining price: 1. The price of white gold per gram. 2. The quality of white gold used to make the band. 3. The amount of gold used in the ring. 4. Whether the band is a custom piece or factory made. 5. The designer you choose to create the band.


Gold is typically valued higher than platinum per gram. But there are several factors that affect the price beyond this: 1. Gold is rarely, if ever, made of pure gold. Although it is higher priced, there is less of it in the ring. 2. Platinum typically hovers around a fifth less expensive than gold, however platinum rings are usually as much as 95% pure. 3. Platinum is a much more dense metal than gold, so more of it is required to make the ring.


A white gold diamond ring is a type of jewellery or accessory typically used for the purposes of engagement or weddings but also commonly worn for other reasons. White gold is an alloy consisting predominantly of a mix of palladium, platinum, nickel and manganese. Like yellow gold, its purity is measured in carats and that number is typically stamped on the inside of the band.


When researching to find the perfect engagement ring, white gold and platinum have a similar appearance. Platinum however is a naturally white metal with typical products being of 95% purity. White gold on the other hand is an alloy or “mixed metal” with a wide range of gold purity and is usually combined with other metals such as palladium, nickel and manganese. It is usually coated in rhodium to give it the appearance of platinum as well as added durability.