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Yellow diamonds symbolise both your passion for your partner as well as representing the warm future that awaits you together. If these two aspects matter most to you, then it would be worth considering how an elegant canary yellow diamond ring featuring rich hues could bring all sorts of life into proceedings on such an important day.


At The Diamond Jewellery Studio, we have a passion for yellow diamonds, and it shows in our range of beautiful yellow diamond engagement rings. We carry an impressive selection – from glamorous to traditional designs – so that you can find the perfect ring to symbolise your love as well as make a fashion statement. Fancy yellow diamond rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst women looking for something different from white diamond jewels while still exciting and unique without breaking the bank! Whether paired with other coloured diamonds, like our precious loose pink diamonds, these fancy yellow diamonds will create some truly breathtaking pieces of jewellery. We have a vast selection of yellow diamond rings for sale, as you can see from the above gallery, and you can view these beautiful pieces in person by visiting our locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


When browsing our many choices of unique yellow diamond rings, there are many different options to consider. The hue of a fancy yellow diamond can be anything from light to deep, and depending on how intense the colour is will determine its value. A fancy grade means that it falls outside the traditional D-Z scale in which GIA rates coloured diamonds one of six grades: Fancy Light, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Dark, Fancy Vivid Yellow, or Fancy Intense Yellow. According to the GIA rating system, the fancier graded yellow diamonds fall outside the traditional D-Z colour grade scale when looking for a more exclusive canary yellow diamond engagement ring, with colours ranging from light such as pale lemon shades up through darker hues like vivid orangey tones—making for an even more diverse selection of yellow diamond engagement rings offered by The Diamond Jewellery Studio when compared to the other coloured stone engagement rings we offer. Please contact us to discuss different hues available in our selection and yellow diamond ring price options.


The canary yellow diamond rings don’t need to be specific to engagements and can also make a tremendous yellow diamond wedding ring or fancy yellow diamond wedding band. If you’re looking for handmade yellow diamond rings with outstanding sparkle and unmatched elegance, visit The Diamond Jewellery Studio locations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our selection of yellow diamonds will surely impress; each eye-catching design crafted by Nick Ireland, our Brisbane based master jeweller. You can choose from contemporary or vintage styles that are perfect for any personality! Customise this one-of-a-kind piece according to what suits your style best: metal type, size and canary yellow diamond carat weight. The result? A beautiful canary yellow diamond wedding ring they’ll cherish forever.
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A diamond is the most valuable gem on earth. Everyone knows what a diamond looks like: hard but beautiful stone used to make jewellery for generations. But isn’t it time you stop thinking of diamonds as plain white? Yellow diamonds, pink diamonds and blue diamonds are just a few examples that will give your wardrobe an all-new look with these new colours! What many don’t know is how diverse yellow diamonds can be in colour, too – from colourless clarity through yellow hues down into shades of dark brown called “fancy intense chocolate.” The grading system starts at D (the lowest) and goes up to Z; whereas, fancy deep yellows start with Y stones while Vivid Deep Browns begin somewhere around W or X grade level. This diverse range of yellow diamond hues enables The Diamond Jewellery Studio to offer a wide range of spectacular yellow diamond engagement rings unique in stone colour and style.

Yellow diamonds are a distinctive form of diamond, yet they can be found in mines worldwide. Most commonly, yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds, can be found in Australia, Central Africa, Congo, Angola, Borneo, Sierra Leone and Brazil. The sheer number of locations where these rare stones exist is what makes them so ordinary compared to other coloured diamonds that only appear at specific sites or not at all! None the less high-grade canary diamond rings can look stunning and ooze sophistication. If you are interested in purchasing a canary yellow engagement ring or need some impartial advice, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at The Diamond Jewellery Studio!

Let’s first put this into perspective. Out of approximately every 10,000 carats mined, only one carat is a natural coloured diamond, and it’s tough to find them at all. 60% of all coloured diamonds which are minded are yellow diamonds which makes them the most common of all the different types of available coloured diamonds. 1 out of 16500 carats mined may contain some form of yellow diamond, so we can unequivocally say that yellow diamonds are rare and highly sought-after. Regardless of if you are looking for a yellow diamond eternity ring or a fancy yellow diamond ring for an engagement, please get in touch and make an appointment at The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane.

One of the main contributing factors to the popularity of canary yellow engagement rings is the rarity of yellow diamonds that make up only about 0.001% of all mined diamonds. High-quality yellows comprise a much smaller percentage than this. This explains their relatively low availability in stores and why you’ll find yellow stone engagement rings at such a high price per carat compared to white diamond prices, even more so for particularly vivid hues like deep or light shades of orange-yellow. Cushion cuts are also trending amongst buyers who want to maximise how saturated their stones will be while maintaining as high a level of brilliance as possible without compromising the look. If you are looking for a yellow gold diamond eternity ring or perhaps a canary diamond ring for a special someone, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we are here to help.

Yellow diamond rings are a unique and creative way to create an engagement ring durable for everyday use and one with beautiful sparkles. While popular now in purple or blue colours, diamonds will always be distinguished by their shine no matter how many other diamonds come out because they are the original gemstone of choice when proposing marriage. Yellow diamonds last forever, even though everyday wear means you do not have to worry about your yellow diamond wedding ring taking its toll on it over time.

Yellow diamond engagement rings are a popular choice with our customers but deciding on the best stone cut always makes the ring stand out. Here at The Diamond Jewellery Studio, we often recommend the radiant cut as the best option to maximise your yellow diamond’s potential. If you want something more subtle for your canary diamond engagement ring, the cushion cut has gentle curves perfect for highlighting those beautiful colours inside every facet! With its facets creating sparks of colour as well as brilliant light, on top of that, it can be customised in any shape desired. Custom yellow diamond rings make an excellent investment or gift because they always maintain their value over time, meaning no matter how long ago someone bought one–if not worn often–it will still seem new when they come around again looking at them. When thinking about purchasing these handmade yellow diamond rings, we suggest going with either a Radiant Cut or Cushion.

When choosing a setting for your canary engagement ring, it’s essential to consider the metal of that setting. The colour or hue of the diamond will be different depending on what kind of metal you choose and whether it is gold, platinum, or white gold. White Gold settings can give a brighter appearance. At the same time, Platinum won’t show off as much brightness in its natural tanning ability but still retains the beautiful contrast between diamond and tone, which makes any jeweller proud. If you are unsure of which setting and metals to use for your canary yellow diamond engagement ring, please reach out and make an appointment with Nick Ireland at The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane.

Dazzling diamonds are a significant investment, but they come at a hefty price. If you want to make the most of your money and get some high-quality jewellery that won’t go out of style anytime soon, then yellow diamond engagement rings might be just what you’re looking for! Yellow is different from other coloured diamonds because it can either cost less than colourless or more expensive depending on the intensity of the yellow diamond and the secondary hue. For yellow diamond price information and the costings for a unique yellow diamond engagement ring, please reach out to Nick Ireland today!