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Blue diamonds are extremely rare and get their colour due to the presence of the mineral boron when they are formed. This means there are a very limited number of places where you can source blue diamonds, with most coming from Australia or South Africa. Therefore, blue diamond engagement rings are highly sought-after by jewellery collectors and those who admire their natural beauty. Blue diamonds are so rare, that the blue Hope Diamond became perhaps the most famous diamond in the world when it was discovered.


The great thing about blue diamonds is that they are extremely versatile. A blue diamond ring can be created in a traditional or modern style to suit the look you have been dreaming of. Whether you’re looking for blue diamond men’s rings or blue diamond rings for women, we can make a ring that works for you. When you’re customising your blue diamond ring it’s worth considering:

  • Whether you’ll go purely blue or mix it with other fancy diamonds – when we design blue diamond men’s rings, people often ask for a simple style with a single blue diamond as a solitaire, while some women have a colourless diamond at the centre and have blue accent diamonds
  • What shade of blue to use – we’ve designed all manner of natural blue diamond rings, so know that the depth of the blue makes a big difference. Royal blue diamond rings can look quite different from a light blue diamond engagement ring, so think about the style you want to achieve
  • The sort of wedding band you might want. Many people who come to us looking for blue diamond engagement rings for sale will want to ensure the wedding ring fits, so will be looking for a bridal set
  • Which metals to use – when you’re shopping for blue diamond engagement rings in Australia, consider which metal will suit the shade of blue. Lighter blues can work well with white gold or platinum, while some people think deeper shades are brought out nicely by yellow gold

The great thing about visiting our studio for blue diamond rings for women or men is that we can customise every aspect of your ring. Whether you know exactly what you want, or would like help, we can ensure you get the engagement ring of your dreams. The advantage of buying bespoke rather than looking for blue diamond rings for sale from a rack is that every detail is tailored for you.


When you have a piece such as blue diamond engagement rings made to your specification, you want to know that your ring will have the perfect finish. Your blue diamond wedding rings or engagement rings will be made in our studio.

Like all the handmade jewellery we create, your blue diamond engagement rings will be made to the highest quality by a master craftsman. Whether you choose 14k white gold or platinum, you can be sure the best materials will be used, and every ring will be carefully created and finished to your exact specifications. When you are looking for jewellery such as blue diamond wedding rings, you want something that can be worn every day and is made to last, which is why good craftsmanship is so essential.

Your blue diamond engagement ring will be crafted by Nick Ireland, who has many years of experience creating beautiful handmade rings. Those looking for a blue diamond ring in Australia should speak to Nick before they make a decision, as he is highly skilled and one of the leading experts on coloured diamond jewellery. Whether you want a women’s or men’s blue diamond ring, Nick Ireland can help.


Have your natural blue diamond engagement ring made by The Diamond Jewellery Studio, and you can even choose your own gems. We always have a wide range of coloured diamonds to choose from, so you can choose the perfect blue diamond for the heart of your ring. You can even pick the smaller accent diamonds if you’d like a particular hue.

When you are going through the design process for a blue diamond ring in Australia, we can show you a number of cut diamonds that may suit your ring. If you are shopping for a blue diamond ring, price is a factor, so we can help you find the best diamond to suit the amount you are looking to pay. We have many different coloured diamonds, so when you shop for a diamond ring, blue, pink diamonds or many other hues can be set in your special piece.


Looking for blue diamond rings in Australia? The Diamond Jewellery Studio is the place to go. With studios in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, we are happy to book an appointment to see you and discuss your needs. Whether you’re looking for a women’s or men’s blue diamond ring, you can take a look at some of our previous designs online, then either design something similar or design something from scratch.

To make an appointment to start your journey of creating blue diamond rings in Australia, all you have to do is give us a call on (07) 3012 8860 or e-mail info@diamondjewellerystudio.com.au and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.


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Blue diamonds are one of the rarest colours of diamonds, second only to red, so they are among the most expensive fancy coloured diamonds. When you are choosing blue diamonds, price will depend on a number of factors from the size and cut to the colour. Faint blue, very light diamonds are the least expensive and dark blues the priciest.

When you are looking for a blue diamond ring for sale, you’ll notice that prices can vary a lot. Like any diamond engagement ring, the price of blue diamond engagement rings depends on the size of the gems used, the complexity of the design and many other factors.

One of the reasons why a blue stone diamond ring is ideal for engagements is that blue diamonds are said to symbolise devotion, truth and eternity. You could also incorporate blue diamonds into your wedding ring as a reminder of these qualities.

While there are lots of places you can buy all sorts of diamond rings online, caution should be used when shopping for rare and expensive blue diamonds. Some shops who advertise inexpensive blue diamonds may end up sending you a royal blue sapphire ring, or even stimulated gems. It’s better to visit a reputable and trusted jeweller.