Written by Nick Ireland, January 2024

Have you been dropping hints on what kind of engagement ring you want?

If so, don’t forget to give your significant other your ring size, too!

A loose ring can ruin the magical moment.

It’ll flop to the side, making it harder to get a picture-perfect shot.

A ring that’s too small is just as frustrating. You don’t want to end up with a ring that won’t budge and a purple finger.

So when it comes time to shop engagement rings, this handle guide will assist you in getting it right the first time.

Engagement ring on woman's finger

How To Measure Your Ring Size

It never hurts to be extra careful when measuring your ring size.

You don’t want unnecessary stress on your engagement day.

Here are some methods you can use to get an accurate measurement:

Belt ring sizer

Use a Belt Ring Sizer

Belt ring sizers are an affordable yet accurate way to determine your ring size. 

These mini plastic belts have a buckle on an end. Insert the other end through the buckle to create a loop. 

Wear it on your ring finger and adjust it so it fits comfortably. 

When you’ve found the best fit, read the size indicated by the arrow.

Print Out a Ring Sizer

You’ll find many printable ring sizers online. 

Print one out and make sure it’s the correct size. Cut out the ring sizer, using the dotted lines along its perimeter as your guide. Next, cut out the marked slot at one end of the sizer. 

With the numbers facing outwards, wrap the sizer around your ring finger and thread the pointed end through the slot you cut out. 

Adjust the sizer until you find the right fit, then check the number that aligns with the slot. 

Use an Existing Ring

If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, everything else will be smooth sailing. 

Find a ring size guide and print it to scale. Again, there are many of these online. 

Place the ring on top of the guide and see which circle matches its size perfectly. 

You can also measure the ring’s inner diameter and compare it to the circles on the guide. 


Get Professional Help

If you don’t want to leave any room for error, let the pros help.

Make an appointment at one of our studios so you can get professionally sized.

We’d also be happy to answer other questions about engagement rings

Factors That Affect Your Ring Size

Nailing your ring size is a crucial step in the engagement process. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward. Did you know that your fingers change sizes depending on the time, weather, and what you’re doing?

Many factors affect ring size, making it trickier to get an accurate measurement. 

Here are some things to consider before you attempt to measure your ring finger:

The Shape of Your Fingers

Just like how people have different eyes, noses, and other features, fingers come in different shapes, too. 

Some have tapered fingers, meaning they’re wide at the base but get narrower toward the fingernails. 

It’s crucial to get a snug fit on fingers like these because the ring can easily slide off. 

Others have knotted fingers where the knuckles are the widest part. 

It can be hard to find a ring that slides over the knuckle yet fits snugly around the base. 

The good news is you can use sizing beads to keep your precious engagement ring in place. They attach to the inner part of the ring to provide a more secure fit. 

Time, Environment, and Activities

Fingers tend to be puffier when you first get up in the morning. They can also swell up if you had a salty meal, drank alcohol, or worked out. 

On the other hand, cold weather can shrink the fingers temporarily. All these changes are normal and are part of the body’s way of adjusting to its environment. 

So, if our fingers constantly fluctuate in size, how can we get a precise measurement? 

It’s best to measure your ring finger at room temperature during the middle of the day. 

That will give you the most accurate reading when you use a ring sizer. If you were outside in the heat, cool down for a few minutes before measuring. 

Band Thickness

The thickness of your engagement ring’s band will affect how it fits on your finger. 

Thicker bands will feel tighter, while thinner ones will be more loose. 

If it’s your dream to wear a dainty engagement ring with a delicate band, you might want to size it down. 

It will fit more securely that way, and you won’t have to worry about it falling off.

How to Guess Your Partner’s Ring Size

Some couples discuss every detail of their engagement down to the size and look of the engagement ring. 

But some men prefer to keep the proposal a secret. If you want to give your partner the surprise of their life, you must use some clever tactics to discover their ring size.

You can ask your partner’s friends or colleagues to do some snooping. 

They can casually bring up the topic of ring sizes during a conversation without making your partner suspicious. 

If your partner has a friend with a similar body type, you can use their ring size as a reference. 

If all else fails, bring us a picture of your partner where her hands are visible. We’ll estimate her ring size based on our knowledge and experience!

If you’re unsure of your partner’s ring size, it’s always best to size up. 

Even if it’s slightly loose, at least she can wear it for the photos. You can then have us resize it once you have her correct ring size. 

It’s also best to avoid eternity bands with stones all over them if you don’t know your bride’s exact finger measurement. Because of their design, these rings are harder to resize.