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Men’s Diamond Bracelets Crafted By Hand

Elevate your everyday style or dress to impress with our range of handcrafted diamond bracelets for men. Combining precious gemstones with platinum or gold, our artisans craft pieces that are much more than simply jewellery.

We select gemstones known to have powerful healing and calming properties. When blended with gold, platinum and diamond settings, these gemstones are perfect for everyday wear, special occasions and everything in between.

Our range features men’s diamond bracelets with subtle yet stunning beaded designs. Each piece is crafted to last, with gemstone beads drilled and fitted with precious metal sleeves that protect them from everyday wear. The addition of platinum or gold braided wire makes our jewellery durable, while customisable designs allow us to create pieces as unique as your tastes.

Sapphire is a natural stone that has been popular in men’s jewellery for thousands of years. Our sapphire men’s bracelets feature smooth or faceted beads mined in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. We select stones for their vibrant, rich colouration, and our experts handcraft each bracelet into a one-off piece that will last a lifetime.

Properties: Sapphire is the wisdom stone. It brings power and prosperity, wisdom and integrity, and it encourages feelings of love and compassion. Depending on the colour you wear, sapphire is believed to focus the mind, relieve mental tension, strengthen love and commitment, and encourage loyalty.

Sapphire is said to soothe ailments such as headaches, sore throats and nightmares. When wearing sapphire close to your skin, you may find that your mind is calmer, sleep becomes easier and your overall health is improved.

Colours: Our sapphire bracelets make use of gemstones ranging from deep, rich blues to teal, aqua, pink, red, yellow and lush green-grey hues.

Occasions: Sapphire is a durable precious gemstone that’s perfect for everyday wear, special occasions and as a general accessory.

We craft ruby men’s bracelets designed to make a statement. With smooth or faceted beads, precious metals, diamond settings and customisable features, our ruby bracelets are the height of opulence. Featuring stones mined from Myanmar, Mozambique and Sri Lanka, we select rubies with rich colouration that allows our bracelets to make a statement.

Properties: Ruby is the gemstone of nobles. It promotes loving, nurturing, health, wealth and knowledge. It is believed to improve energy levels and concentration, and to encourage creativity, loyalty, compassion and honour. While ruby is associated with opulence, it is also firmly connected to themes of love, and it helps keep us grounded and heal wounds of the heart.

Ruby is an intense stone that can boost energy levels and improve blood circulation when worn regularly. It is also said to aid with fertility issues and help our kidneys, lymph and adrenal glands when the body is detoxing.

Colours: Our ruby men’s bracelets make use of gemstones that range from light pink tones to deep, blood red colouration.

Occasions: Ruby is a durable precious gemstone that’s perfect for everyday wear, special occasions and as a general accessory.

The men’s tanzanite bracelets in our collection feature one of the world’s rarest resources. We make use of tanzanite mined from a small region in the Merelani Hills in Tanzania. We present these rare stones with a smooth, highly polished finish that shows off their beautiful translucence and subtle colour.

Properties: Tanzanite stimulates intuition and perception. It aids in improving vitality and detoxifying the body, providing a calming and soothing presence when worn close to the skin.

Tanzanite is known as an immune booster with regenerative qualities that aid in fresher looking skin, hair health and body detoxification. It can also help those trying to overcome addictions. When worn regularly, tanzanite will calm the nerves, lower stress levels and lessen tension.

Colours: Our men’s tanzanite bracelets come in colour tones ranging from a mid violet to deep, heavenly blue with a hint of purple.

Occasions: Tanzanite is a relatively soft semi-precious gemstone that is suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. Tanzanite can develop scratches when worn on a daily basis or during physical activity.

Our turquoise men’s bracelets feature the highest quality natural stones mined from the deserts of Arizona, Iran and Chile. Selected for their bright colour and infinite variation, turquoise is the perfect gemstone for men’s diamond bracelets.

Properties: Turquoise is the stone of communication. It promotes enthusiasm and artistic ability, and it is thought to inspire new projects. As one of the world’s oldest healing stones, turquoise is believed to provide a large amount of energy to the wearer.

Turquoise is known as a strong healing stone for emotional and mental health, helping to free us from life’s negatives, granting strength and calmness of mind. When worn close to the skin, turquoise will enhance your ability to communicate, improve resistance to viruses and relieve respiratory issues.

Colours: Our turquoise men’s bracelets make use of gemstones featuring beautiful aqua and turquoise hues that are blended with stunning veins of natural rock.

Occasions: Turquoise is a relatively soft semi-precious stone that is best suited to everyday wear and special occasions. Turquoise is porous, which causes it to absorb liquids and react with acids such as wine, lemon juice and vinegar, which will alter the surface appearance of the stone. Turquoise is prone to scratching when worn regularly or during physical activity so needs to be treated carefully.

The lapis lazuli men’s bracelets in our collection offer a rich hue that plays perfectly against gold detail and diamond settings. We make use of lapis mined from the ancient deposits found in Afghanistan, combining them with precious metals and Australian diamonds to create opulent statement pieces.

Properties: Lapis is the stone of strength, courage and wisdom. It has been worn since ancient times as a way to ward off evil. In the modern age, lapis is known for its cleansing abilities, and it is believed to improve eyesight, as well as encouraging intellect and truth.

Lapis was loved by the ancient Egyptians, who held it in the highest regard. Michelangelo also loved its colour so much he ground the stone down to a fine powder and used it in his paintings of the Sistine Chapel. When worn against the skin, lapis will cleanse the body, lower blood pressure and boost energy levels. This can reduce headaches, manage anxiety and improve your respiratory system.

Colours: Our lapis men’s bracelets feature gemstones with beautiful, rich deep blue mixed with veins of natural rock as well as flecks of gold and violet.

Occasions: Lapis is a relatively soft semi-precious gemstone that is suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. Lapis is also porous, which causes it to absorb liquids and react with acids such as wine, lemon juice and vinegar which will alter the surface appearance of the stone. Lapis may develop scratches when worn regularly or during physical activity.

Featuring rich, dark tones that are perfectly offset by gold and platinum, our onyx men’s bracelets are a statement piece for every man. Using gemstones mined from India and Brazil, our onyx bracelets include beads that are polished to show off their deep lustre, or sandblasted to a subtle satin finish.

Properties: Onyx is the stone of regeneration. It has solid healing and protective properties that shield against harm. Onyx can illuminate pathways to wisdom and ground the mind, body and soul with ease.

The grounding energy of onyx helps to ease the nerves, boost the immune system and improve energy levels. When worn against the skin, onyx improves self-confidence and can help those who struggle with self control.

Colours: Our onyx men’s bracelets feature gemstones that range from deep blacks to greys, browns and lighter hues such as blue.

Occasions: Onyx is a soft semi-precious stone that is best suited for special occasions. Onyx is porous, which causes it to absorb liquids and react with acids such as wine, lemon juice and vinegar. This can quickly damage the finish on onyx bracelets.