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Stunning Brisbane Engagement Rings for Sale

Unlike many of the high street jewellery stores across Australia, The Diamond Jewellery Store artisans make everything by hand to the highest quality possible. As a leading Brisbane diamond engagement ring designer, we can source the very best materials including the most beautiful diamonds and coloured gemstones, yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as other metals such as platinum or palladium.


To begin the process of designing your dream ring, connect with our Brisbane studio. Found in Edward Street, the heart of the Brisbane CBD, just off Queen Street Mall, our studio offers an amazing experience for buyers.

Accessible by appointment only, booking an appointment with Nick will ensure you get the perfect ring that will last a lifetime.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Our jewellery is made by skilled artisans with decades of experience in handcrafting pieces that are uniquely yours.

Lifetime Warranty

We create bespoke jewellery designed to last, and each incredible detail is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Ethically Sourced

Our pieces feature precious metals, gemstones and diamonds that are ethically sourced from all over the world.

Wanted my chain fixed got it done in 20 minutes for cheap
Saay Carter
Saay Carter
July 14, 2023
5 stars - I couldn't be happier with my experience at Diamond Jewellery Studio. My wife and I recently purchased a stunning diamond necklace from Nick, and she absolutely loves it. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are truly impressive. What's more, working with Nick was an absolute pleasure. He took the time to listen to our needs and preferences, and offered expert guidance throughout the process. His knowledge and passion for his craft are evident in every piece he creates. I highly recommend Diamond Jewellery Studio to anyone in the market for beautiful, high-quality jewellery. You won't be disappointed!
Ben Svikss
Ben Svikss
April 17, 2023
I had a 10/10 experience with Nick. The design process was done remotely, and Nick made the process easy, fun and stress free. So happy with the final result. Would recommend to anyone.
October 25, 2022
Nick really is a diamond in the jewel! He made my dream ring for my fiancé and we could not be happier. The whole process was extremely professional yet personal and I could not recommend Nick more highly!!! Thanks so much! Joey & Rich
richard macdonald
richard macdonald
July 8, 2022
I met with Nick a few months prior to purchasing an engagement ring for my now fiancé. He was very helpful, gentle and listened to what I was after. He helped to design a ring that would suit my fiancé. When I wanted a change made to the ring, he was very professional and reliable. My fiancé is still staring at her ring every day and is very happy. If this is what you’re after, I’d recommend seeing Nick Ireland.
Dino Vekic
Dino Vekic
June 20, 2022
Can't recommend Nick highly enough. Very easy to talk to and an expert craftsman in his job. I was also looking for a diamond jewellery maker, and read some of the reviews here, which encouraged me to have a chat with him. Fully endorse Nick's work and friendly nature.
Nathan Ho
Nathan Ho
May 10, 2022
Exceptional quality, design and service. If you want a quality piece which is unique and personal Nick Ireland and the Diamond Jewellery Studio is the place to visit. After reading the Google reviews for the Diamond Jewellery Studio I decided to get in touch with Nick. The reviews were spot on. After a few meetings (where Nick listened to what I was after, selected a few stones for me to view and then put together a design based on my budget) I am now the proud owner of one of Nick’s creations. It is absolutely beautiful and certainly something you will not see in a run-of-the-mill jewellery store. Thank you Nick!!!
Kathryn Ryan
Kathryn Ryan
February 23, 2022
I was impressed with Nick from the very first meeting. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. He gave me every confidence in my decisions and I was thrilled with the ring.
Renee Manning
Renee Manning
April 24, 2021
Dealing with Nick to have an engagement ring made was a fantastic experience. His service was excellent and extremely professional from the moment I submitted a query through the website. Nick went over and above to make sure he had the most suitable diamonds for me to look at in person and was very helpful in guiding the selection process. The final result was stunning! I couldn't recommend Diamond Jewellery Studio enough.
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith
February 26, 2021

Trusted & Experienced Jewellers

Nick Ireland is an expert jewellery designer who was committed to sourcing and working with authentic gemstones where quality, clarity, and ethicality can be traced. From the pink diamonds sourced in the Kimberley’s Argyle mines to white diamonds that are GIA-certified, every precious stone he offers to clients has been inspected for grade, clarity, and value.

He repeatedly receives feedback from his clients about the satisfaction they experience when interacting directly with the designer and skilled jeweller responsible for meticulously crafting their unique piece from beginning to end.

We welcome all potential clients to browse our website for inspiration, stone options, and setting choices. If you need further support deciding on a stone or want master jewellers to design your perfect ring and get it right the first time, connect with our team.


Nick Ireland Jewelry

Designing Your Ring

Designing an engagement ring is an exciting time for the buyer and the designer alike. A hands-on process that involves stone selection, setting and material selection, drawings, and final CAD-rendered plans, every ring is brought to life through the craftsmanship of our expert in-shop team.

For those new to the market, our entire process traditionally looks like this when designing your ring in our Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne studio:

1. Contact Our Team

Clients connect with one of our studios to book an appointment and begin the review and design process.

2. Confirm price point, ideal metals, and potential stones

We confirm your expected budget, potential stones, and materials. Among the most common metals used to create rings are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Our master jewellers can review the benefits of each before you decide.

3. Review Recommended Settings and Diamonds

Based on these decisions, our team will present a select number of diamond ring settings, stones, and materials that meet your aesthetic vision and price needs.

4. Confirm stone grade and certification.

On closer inspection, some of our clients will want further information about their stone’s source, certification, or grade, whereas other clients will want to see several stone grades, carat sizes, and colours before deciding.

5. Review Design Plans

After material selection, our team creates a mock-up of the expected outcome, which the client reviews and confirms. From side stones to band engraving, we design dream rings by making them personalised for you and your loved one. Discover some of our recently completed rose gold and white gold rings handmade in the shop for inspiration.

6. Confirm Lead Time

The design process can vary based on your selected stone availability. If the chosen stone is in stock, our team will be able to schedule in studio time more quickly than stones that need to be sourced and secured. Your designer will be able to confirm lead time during the process once the final material selection has been decided.

7. See Your Final Engagement Ring in Real Time

Your ring is finalised and ready for review. The hard work is done -we welcome you to visit one of our studios in person or we can offer secure delivery for regionally based customers. With your ring in hand, we’ll sign off your project with the best care instructions and well wishes for the years to come.

8. Post-purchase Support Options

Need additional support post-purchase? Our craftsmen are always available for post-purchase support, best care guidance, and adjustments, if needed. Please speak with your designer about ring warranties, size adjustments, and care practices at the time of purchase.

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The 5C's Of Diamonds

The diamonds and precious stones you select will serve as the crowning moment to your engagement ring. Diamond Jewellery Studio provides options from across Australia and all over the world, and our team can help select the setting that’s perfect for you.

1. CUT

The cut of a diamond determines how brilliant it looks under the light. We choose the best cuts of diamond to give your ring an incredible sparkle.


Diamonds are graded according to colour. The clearest, colourless diamonds are graded ‘D’, with the scale running to ‘Z,’ which is a diamond with a yellow tone. 


Clarity is important when you want a diamond that sparkles. The best diamonds are graded as FL/IF (flawless/internally flawless). Diamonds with small faults can still look incredible, as these imperfections are often impossible to see with the naked eye.


Carat is a measure of the weight of the diamonds used to create your ring. On average, engagement rings have around one to one and a half carats of diamonds. If you opt for a bespoke ring, you can choose the carat weight that suits your taste and budget.


We provide certification with our work, which confirms the carat weight, providence and other details.

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The Different Diamond Cuts

The Diamond Jewellery Studio carries an extensive range of diamonds and precious gemstones. This allows you the freedom to select the specific gems to suit your ring, budget and partner.

We have access to incredible diamonds that have been responsibly sourced from local and international sites. Our precious gemstones are selected for their beauty and quality, and each one can be shaped into a setting that suits your partner’s tastes.

Some of the most popular diamond cuts include:


This classic cut is often requested for solitaire rings. Round diamonds are understated, but they offer unmatched brilliance.


An oval cut can look slightly bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight, as it has a larger surface. So, if you are looking for ring designs that make a statement, you may want to start with an oval centre diamond. before you decide.


Emerald cut diamonds offer a vintage look that never goes out of fashion. These have a sleek, art deco style that shows off the clarity of the diamond.


Princess cuts are square and modern, and are perfect if you want to use multiple small gems in your diamond wedding ring. If you choose a larger solitaire, a princess cut can look beautiful at its centre.


Cushion cuts are also square but have more facets and rounded corners. They have a modern look and are one of our most popular options.


Pear cuts are a classic style that stands out, offering a ring that’s utterly unique.

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How much you spend on an engagement ring is a personal decision. We have high quality options ranging from $10,000 upwards, so budget is a conversation we’re happy to have. While traditional advice recommended “three months’ of salary,” that’s not a standard we adhere to.

The actual cost of your engagement ring will depend on:

  • The materials you choose
  • Stone setting
  • Stone clarity
  • Stone carat and size 
  • Complexity of the design

Each of these things has an impact on the cost. We carry ring settings and stones to suit budgets of every size, so we can help you find a ring at your ideal price point.

There are no expectations for stone size, colourway or setting. The right ring is one that’s personal to you and your partner. 

It’s more important to choose a stone that matches your personality, likes, dislikes and ideal price. These factors all influence which stone you should choose, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to stone carat.

Certain cuts of diamonds give off an excellent sparkle, making the stone seem bigger. Emerald and oval cut stones typically catch light the best and look the biggest when set on a ring.

The cut isn’t the only factor that affects how large a diamond seems. The apparent size of the stone is also affected by its grade, which is made up of carat size, dimensions, clarity and colour. Talk to our designers if you are searching for a striking cut and we can help get the most from any stone.

It is the diamond’s cut that gives it a shape as well as an incomparable brilliance. With facets, this cut allows light to get into the diamond and be reflected off of each facet, therefore creating a stunning sparkle.

That depends on the wearer! Some ring wearers will prefer white gold, and others will prefer yellow gold, but rose gold and platinum are great options too. It’s a good idea to choose precious metals that match your beloved’s regular jewellery selection. You can also match the engagement ring to the metal used for your wedding bands.

If you’re undecided as to which ring material is right, speak with one of our designers about your loved one and what you’re searching for.

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is one of the most popular materials for engagement rings. Stunning, timeless and beautifully warm, yellow gold is the perfect accompaniment for every precious stone.

Rose Gold: Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings. With hints of blushing pink, rose gold is a unique metal that can make your ring and setting stand out.

White Gold: White gold is a combination of yellow gold and silvery metals, like silver, palladium and platinum. The blend creates a durable, stunning material that’s resistant to wear and tear, making it perfect for longer-term ring use.

Platinum: Platinum is a white metal that shines like no other. Hardy, wear-resistant and known for maintaining its brightness over time, platinum is the ideal metal for rings.

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