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A halo ring is made up of a centre stone, which is surrounded by a ring or ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds. These are known as pavé or micro-pavé diamonds and create extra sparkle and impact. Many halo engagement ring settings are possible, from square to round or pear.

Prices for halo engagement rings are varied. The overall cost of your ring will depend on the size and clarity of the centre diamond, as well as the quality and number of diamonds. The complexity of the design and the metal it is set with are also factors in the price.

Halo engagement rings have become popular in recent years thanks to a number of A-listers and even royals showing off their halo designs. It’s also a great way to add sparkle to a diamond engagement ring. The smaller stones accentuate the centre stone, showing off the natural beauty of the diamond.

Many jewellers now offer diamond halo engagement rings, but you should make sure you’re buying from somewhere that is reputable and uses good quality diamonds. Some jewellers use a halo setting to distract from poorer quality diamonds, so make sure you visit someone who specialises in all things diamond.

One of the biggest jewellery trends in recent years has been halo diamond rings. A design that generally features a centre diamond, surrounded by smaller pavé diamonds, this sparkling style has been around for many years but has become extremely popular in the last few. If you are considering a halo ring for your engagement, or just as a piece to wear for special occasions, then you should book an appointment with Nick Ireland and his team at The Diamond Jewellery Studio. Our resident master jeweller is an expert in creating one-time custom handmade halo engagement rings to ensure you get the one that is perfect for you. Your dream halo engagement ring is closer than you think!


The reason halo diamond rings were created is to give you extra sparkle. While diamond rings with the right gems are already sparkling, some women find they don’t quite have the visual impact or ‘bling’ that they want. A halo diamond engagement ring uses lots of small, sparkling diamonds, which catch the eye and complements the diamond in the centre.

If you’re looking at ring designs that really offer the ‘wow’ factor, halo diamond engagement rings might be the choice for you. At The Diamond Jewellery Studio, we can create the halo diamond engagement ring you’ve always dreamed about. Whether you’re looking for halo diamond rings that are relatively simple, or you want to make a big impact with a double halo, all you have to do is tell us what you want.


No two halo engagement rings are the same. There are endless style options and combinations, so you can get the look you love.

  • Round halo engagement rings – a classic halo ring setting, pick a beautiful solitaire and we’ll surround it with smaller diamonds to frame it
  • Oval halo engagement rings – if you want something slightly different, try an oval cut which catches the light beautifully. Oval diamonds are unique and great for those who like their ring to stand out
  • Pear halo engagement ring – the pear cut has a vintage appeal and looks beautiful surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The pear shape is made up of many facets, so you get lots of fire and sparkle
  • Square halo engagement rings – a contemporary choice, square cuts are ideal for a halo ring setting
  • Halo cushion cut engagement rings – cushion cut is square but has rounded edges, and this shape allows for maximum light dispersion. Cushion cut double halo engagement rings are particularly popular with those who love sparkle and a dramatic look. A cushion halo engagement ring could be a good way to make a big impression
  • Double halo engagement ring – why have one halo when you can have two? Using a second halo adds even more sparkle, and this is especially popular with round halo engagement rings
  • Rose gold halo engagement rings – rose gold engagement rings are hugely popular right now, and rose gold is the perfect setting for colourless or pink diamonds
  • White gold halo engagement rings – white gold is still the most popular gold for round cut halo engagement rings and many other cuts. It creates a classic look that goes with any outfit
  • Yellow gold halo engagement rings – gold halo engagement rings in yellow gold are making a comeback, as yellow gold can suit certain colours of diamond.

Whatever type of halo engagement ring you are thinking of, we can help turn it into a reality, with many different halo engagement ring settings possible. When you are looking for engagement rings, we help you create the one you’ll want to wear every day forever.


Pick a halo engagement ring from The Diamond Jewellery studio, and you can be sure it’s made locally to the highest standards. We offer halo engagement rings in Australia made to your specifications, created with love by a master craftsman. If you’re looking for halo engagement rings we can help.

Your journey towards the perfect halo engagement rings in Melbourne starts with an appointment with Nick Ireland. He will discuss with you exactly what you want. Halo engagement rings, Australia-made in our studios are better quality than you’ll find in jewellers that offer mass-produced goods, and our rings are made to last for life and even to be passed on. We specialise in handmade jewellery, so you can be sure of the perfect finish.


Many people who come to us looking for halo engagement rings in Sydney also want to find their wedding rings at the same time. When you’re looking for halo engagement rings in Melbourne, it makes sense to consider buying a wedding ring at the same time to make a set. When you have a unique shaped ring, such as a round halo engagement ring, it can be a challenge to find a wedding ring that sits nicely next to it, so a bespoke option is best.

Whether you’re looking for Brisbane diamond engagement rings, make sure you book an appointment at The Diamond Jewellery Studio. To make an appointment to learn more about our rings, simply call us on (07) 3012 8860 or e-mail

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