That’s why, when you’re looking for wedding rings in Sydney, you should visit Nick Ireland at The Diamond Jewellery Studio. You can have your wedding band and rings designed and crafted by Nick, meaning you can get a unique design that’s special to you as a couple. We are one of the premier jewellers offering diamond wedding rings in Sydney, whether you simply want a plain band, one set with the perfect diamond, or something with lots of sparkle. 


When you go shopping for wedding rings in Sydney, you’ll notice that options can be limited at a standard jeweller. The average wedding ring store may only have a few designs, so if you have the perfect ring in mind, you may not be able to find it. That’s why so many couples come to our studio to work with our wedding ring designers, as it gives them a lot more choices.

Whether you are looking for a woman’s or man’s wedding ring in Sydney, or want a matching or coordinating set, we can help. Come to our studio to see wedding rings in Sydney CBD, and you’ll be able to see some of our handcrafted jewellery, providing inspiration for your own rings. We then sit down with you to discuss your wedding rings and the sort of styles that might work for you, before coming up with the perfect look.

Avoid the disappointment of not being able to find your perfect wedding rings in Sydney CBD by making an appointment at our studio before you go anywhere else. Just like our Brisbane and Melbourne stores, we will ensure the entire process is seamless at our Sydney studio.


Nick Ireland not only designs handmade Sydney diamond wedding rings, he also handcrafts them from scratch, ensuring attention to detail in the finished ring. When you opt for custom wedding rings, some jewellers will send your design off to be made in a factory, so they don’t have that special, handcrafted touch. When you come to us for a Sydney wedding ring, you’ll know it has been made by a true craftsman in his studio who has gone through the design process with you, and it’s not mass-produced in a factory, so there’s a personalised and high-quality finish.

The great thing about choosing us for a bespoke wedding ring in Sydney is that you know that nobody else has the same rings as you and your loved one. We create a design that’s meaningful to you. When you’re choosing designer wedding rings, individuality is important and that’s what our studio offers.


In the past, wedding rings were usually plain, perhaps with a little engraving, but nowadays, there are lots of style options. At our studio, you can choose a plain or diamond wedding ring in Sydney, whether it’s one with a small amount of sparkle or lots of it.

There are a number of ways you can customise your diamond wedding rings in Sydney at our studio:

  • Choosing your gems – we offer both colourless and coloured diamonds, and you can even pick the ones you want set in your band
  • You can choose the metal you want. Love a certain design but want it in yellow or white gold? It’s likely to be possible to make these changes to your diamond wedding band or ring
  • Go beyond bands – when you shop for a wedding ring in Sydney CBD, you aren’t just limited to standard bands. You can pick a completely different shape and design if that’s what works for you
  • Getting the perfect ring size – it may sound like a small thing, but it’s annoying to have your ring delivered then find you need a different size. When it’s made in our studio, it is made to your precise measurements

Bespoke jewellery is ideal for those who want something special or out of the ordinary, so when you’re looking for designer wedding rings, make an appointment at our studio.

Don’t Just take our word


HANDMADE Sydney Diamond Wedding Rings

While there are old etiquette rules about spending three months’ salary on engagement rings, there’s no such guidelines for the cost of a wedding ring. Ultimately, you should pay what you feel comfortable with to get the ring you want. When you draw up a wedding budget, factor in the cost of your wedding ring.

The best wedding ring for you will be one that suits your day to day style and doesn’t get in the way of any activities. A simple band suits most people, and diamonds can be set into it for a decorative touch. You may want to consider platinum wedding rings if you have a busy, active life, as these are tougher than gold.

While wedding rings don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful, it’s worth considering investing in rings made from precious metals, as they will last for longer. Inexpensive silver rings will tarnish if worn every day, so pick rose, white or yellow gold or an alternative like platinum.

You should visit a reputable jeweller when you’re shopping for wedding rings in Sydney. Wedding rings are something you wear every day, so quality and durability are important. If you are looking for custom wedding rings in Sydney, visit a studio that specialises in handmade jewellery.