The Largest Collection Of Fancy Coloured Diamonds In Brisbane

If you are looking to create a piece of jewellery that is unique and makes a real statement, adding a coloured diamond or two can really elevate a piece. At The Diamond Jewellery Studio, we specialise in sourcing beautiful coloured diamonds from around the world, especially pink diamonds which can be found in Western Australia. If you’re looking to commission a piece of bespoke jewellery with coloured diamonds, Brisbane based jewellers The Diamond Jewellery Studio is the place to go.


We are often contacted by people who want us to make an engagement or wedding ring that includes coloured diamonds. There are a number of ways you can incorporated a coloured diamond into these designs:
  • Go for a solitaire – a coloured diamond can look especially dramatic as a simple solitaire, allowing you to appreciate the diamond’s beauty
  • Mix and match colours – many coloured diamond rings use either more than one diamond hue that complement each other, or even different shades of the same colour
  • Use them to frame a colourless diamond – if you love the look of coloured diamond jewellery, but still want a traditional look, consider having white diamonds with coloured accent diamonds
If you’re not quite sure what you want, simply book an appointment at The Diamond Jewellery Studio. We can show you a gallery of our designs for inspiration and help you narrow down your choice from the coloured diamond rings of your dreams.


The great thing about coloured diamonds is that there are so many to choose from. You can choose from colours including:

  • Blue Diamonds – blue is a classic, elegant colour and looks amazing in an engagement or wedding rings
  • Black Diamonds – if you want something dramatic and beautiful, then choose a black diamond
  • Green Diamonds – from light greens to deep hues, there are many types of green diamond to suit different styles
  • Orange Diamonds – this cheerful colour is ideal for those who want a real statement piece
  • Champagne Diamonds – celebrating a special occasion? The champagne diamond is elegant and sophisticated
  • Pink Diamonds – feminine and romantic – pink diamonds are especially popular in engagement rings

Looking for a different coloured diamond? The Diamond Jewellery Studio are experts in sourcing rare and unique gems, so get in touch and we will try to help.



Many people don’t consider using coloured diamonds when it comes to creating their own piece of diamond jewellery, but they really are versatile gems that have been used in iconic pieces of jewellery throughout the ages.

One of the most iconic diamonds in the world – the Hope Diamond – has a deep blue colour, while the Pink Star weighs in at a whopping 59.60 carats. When you buy coloured diamonds, you’re in good company. Jennifer Lopez chose a blue diamond for her engagement ring, Blake Lively sports a light pink engagement ring and Anna Kournikova owns an 11-carat Australian Argyle pink diamond engagement ring.

If you’re looking for coloured diamonds in Brisbane, be sure to contact The Diamond Jewellery Studio so we can find you the gemstone you want, or create a completely bespoke piece of jewellery. Simply call us on (07) 3012 8860 or e-mail with any questions or requests.

Coloured Diamonds FAQ’s


Some coloured diamonds are more expensive than colourless or ‘white’ diamonds, particularly if they have a strong, intense colour. For example, red diamonds with a deep hue can be very valuable as they are rare. However, some of the less intense colours such as light yellow diamonds can be less expensive than white ones.

What Colour Diamonds can you get?

You can buy coloured diamonds in a wide variety of hues, with pink, blue and yellow diamonds especially popular in jewellery making. You can find diamonds in pretty much any colour of the rainbow, but some are much rarer than others and difficult to find.

What causes Colour in Diamonds?

A coloured diamond is formed in much the same way as a colourless one, from intense heat and pressure underground. However, the colour in the diamond comes from naturally occurring chemicals in the ground, and different colours indicate which chemical reacted with the diamond. For example, blue diamonds would indicate Boron nearby, a rare element, while a yellow diamond will have nitrogen in its structure.

Which Coloured Diamond is Good Quality?

Whether you choose colourless or coloured diamonds, the quality will vary from stone to stone. Coloured diamonds are usually graded on the intensity of their colour, from light to fancy deep, with the latter being the most expensive and sought-after. Coloured diamonds can still have inclusions, but these tend to be less obvious than with colourless gems.