There are always new trends happening on the jewellery front, but one of the longest lasting and most exciting of the trends are handmade engagement rings. If you are in the market for a ring for your beloved partner, you may want to consider a bespoke ring with which to pop that all-important question.


There are so many benefits to designing your very own ring to get engaged with. Here are just some of those benefits:

  • You can look forward to a one-of-a-kind piece. While mass produced settings are certainly gorgeous, they are not unique. When you buy a handmade piece, you will have an item that is 100 percent unique.
  • You can look forward to more custom options. When you choose to personalise a ring, you can add a myriad of different elements and accents that will make the item completely personal for you and your fiancé-to-be.
  • Increased value. A custom ring takes longer to make and is, of course, rare due to its unique nature. This means that it will ultimately be worth more without actually costing much more.
  • You get to have control over the design. When you select a ring from a jeweller’s display case, you’re limited to the creativity of others. However, if you have a few specific ideas about what you want for this important item, then you will want freedom and a say in the design process.
  • You can create matching pieces. When you become involved in the design of the item, you can commission other items that will match the size, colour, and style of the ring. So you could get a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace made to perfectly match this central piece of jewellery.
  • You can have more time to plan everything. Having a ring made gives you ample time to plan out the perfect proposal while you wait for your ring to be created.

Not Convinced? Here Are More Benefits

So, you’ve chosen the women of your dreams. She is perfect, beautiful, and absolutely the one for you. She is unlike anyone you have ever met, so what better way to let her know than with a one-of-a-kind ring? If you’re still not convinced, here are just a few more benefits to designing your own ring:

  • The Uniqueness of a Bespoke Engagement RingGetting engaged is a symbol of the commitment of a lifetime, and the ring that comes with the proposal is a symbol of the hope, promises, and love involved in that very special moment. For the ring you are going to wear for the rest of your life, and for all its symbolism, we know you won’t want a mass-produced, generic item. Your ring should be like your love – special, meaningful, unique, and the perfect fit for only you. Here are a few things to consider when having a ring custom made:
    • The StatementNo doubt you want a gorgeous, meaningful ring. It is going to serve as a constant reminder of your commitment, and is the one accessory you will never change. For something so significant, you will want to design a ring that makes a statement worthy of the momentous occasion.
    • So Many OptionsBesides considering what type of statement you want to make, handmade designs mean endless options for style, design, size, materials, and cost. Instead of having to make do with a mass produced ring, you can create something completely special that reflects your own taste and style. Every single detail will be unique and you can proudly wear it for the rest of your life knowing there is no other like it.
  • IndividualityIf you have ever been in a big chain jewellery store, usually in a crowded mall, you’ll know just how impersonal the interaction can be. And that is just not right when you are looking for the most important piece of jewellery you may ever purchase. Find a jeweller who is prepared to have a private consultation with you, who will teach about different stones, settings, and metals, and who will ensure you know what you are getting into.
  • HandcraftedWhether you want your beloved’s ring to boast sapphires, diamonds, rubies, or her birthstone, you will also have to consider the metal and the cut of the stone. There are also different cuts to choose from including: heart, round, pear, brilliant, marquise, emerald, oval, radiant, baguette, princess, cushion, and more.
  • Giving the Gift of Love… and JewelleryOnce you have decided on the design of the ring, it is time to plan the perfect proposal, something unique to match the uniqueness of the ring. Take your time and make sure you present your love, and the big question, in a way she will remember for the rest of your marital lives together.


There are several important elements you will have to consider when having the ring designed; but you can also consider a few extra options since this is a personal ring to reflect your bride-to-be’s personal style. Here are some of the options to think about.

  • PersonalisationSmall elements of personalisation can always be added to mass produced rings, but a custom ring is just that – completely custom made. Instead of a meaningful shade or special engraving, you can design the entire piece to depict the story of your love.
  • Stone CombinationsA big trend at the moment is to use coloured stones. When you design your ring, you can select the sizes and colours you want in the setting so you can choose the perfect shade in the setting for your memorable engagement.
  • Metal OptionsThere are several different metals to choose from. When you enjoy the freedom of designing your own ring, you can meld different shades of gold together, or even decide on a silver ring, if you prefer. There are many different directions you can go with this. And whatever you choose, there is no doubt you will end up with something sensational.
  • Band StyleAnother big trend at the moment is the ability to play around with band styles. There are so many different shapes, colours, and sizes, and you can even select different ways to embellish the band. Special accents, etchings, or inlaid stones can be added as you desire. In fact, the chance to match the perfect band with the perfect setting is another major benefit or purchasing a handmade ring.

Those are the reasons why handmade engagement rings are the way to go. Just in case you’ve already decided on getting a handmade ring, we’ve also included the things that you need to put into consideration when you’re planning the design of the ring. We hope that you find this article helpful in deciding to get a handmade ring for the woman you love.

If you have tips or ideas you’d like to add, drop it in the comments below.