The Worlds most Perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows Round Brilliant Diamond Jewellery.

TripleEx H&A™ Diamonds

What is a TripleEx H&A™ Diamond? We all want the best diamond money can buy. For us to know we are buying the best diamond we have to understand ‘ What is the best diamond?’ It has become quite confusing with the major international diamond grading laboratories using very different systems to come up with ‘The perfect Ideal Cut Diamond’ For example, a GIA certified triple excellent diamond can be way outside the boundaries set by HRD to receive triple excellent. The diamond may get a rating of triple excellent yet may not show hearts and arrows when viewed under a hearts and arrows viewer. Less than one percent of all diamonds being manufactured today can be considered a true Hearts and Arrows diamond.

TripleEx H&A™Hearts and Arrows diamonds are round brilliant diamonds with special patterns visible under specific lighting conditions. The Hearts and Arrows effect is achieved by cutting, aligning, and positioning all of a diamonds 58 facets to perfection and can be viewed through a Hearts and Arrows viewer. They consist of eight hearts when viewed from the pavilion side and eight arrows when viewed from the crown side. The Hearts and Arrows pattern is very sensitive to symmetrical imperfections. Because of the high degree of symmetry and the limited proportion sets for which the patterns are visible a premium price is paid for Hearts and Arrows diamonds. The appearance of the pattern is a strong indicator of a top quality cut but there are varying degrees of the perfection and crispness of the Hearts and Arrows patterns. A TripleEx H&A™ Hearts and Arrows Diamond requires almost twice the amount of time to cut and polish as compared with a commercial round brilliant diamond.

TripleEx H&A™ diamonds are superb Ideal cut diamonds showing perfectly crisp Hearts and Arrows , exceptional brilliance and are accompanied with either GIA,HRD or IGI triple excellent certificates or AGS triple 0 certificates.

All TripleEx H&A™ diamonds are laser inscribed with the TripleEx H&A™ logo and are accompanied with a TripleEx H&A™ certificate.