If you are looking for reputable diamond dealers, then Nick Ireland at The Diamond Jewellery Studio is one of the best places to buy diamonds. We understand that buying diamonds can be difficult, especially if you don’t work in the industry, as you may not know whether you are getting gemstones that are genuine or of the advertised quality. That’s why you should contact our studio when you are looking for diamond dealers. As a long-established jeweller and dealer of Australian diamonds, as well as other gemstones from around the world, we can help you source a quality diamond for a ring, necklace, or just as a collectors’ item. Simply get in touch with our expert team and we’ll be happy to advise you.


When you are looking at diamond traders, a good way to choose a dealer is to look for membership of professional bodies. Only a handful of diamond traders in Sydney and other cities are members of these prestigious groups, and they have to adhere to high standards to keep their membership. For example, The Diamond Jewellery Studio is a member of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA), amongst other organisations, which ensures diamond wholesalers follow a strict set of trading practices and protect the consumer.

If you’re considering buying from diamond traders in Sydney, check whether they have certifications and are members of trade bodies. It shows that these diamond traders strive for quality and want to give customers a good experience.


Jewellers and collectors often work with diamond dealers in Sydney so they can source the gems they need. An advantage of working with diamond dealers in Melbourne and other major cities is that you can source rare and unique gems. For example, at The Diamond Jewellery Studio, our diamond experts specialise in Argyle pink diamonds, and can source a range of diamond colours, even very rare and special ones.

Another reason to visit diamond traders in Brisbane is to find larger amounts of loose diamonds. If you are a jeweller or just enjoy making jewellery as a hobby, our diamond dealers in Sydney can help source the quantities of diamonds you need. You just let us know the cut, clarity and carat size you want, and we’ll find gems that suit your needs.

Our diamond traders in Melbourne are the ideal people to contact if you are looking for a rare or unusual gem. If you’re looking for a rarer diamond cut, such as trilliant diamonds, our diamond dealers in Melbourne are the best people to contact and can find the perfect gem for your perfect engagement ring or other piece of jewellery.


The Diamond Jewellery Studio are diamond merchants and also jewellers, which means we are the ideal place to get custom jewellery made. Many people look for diamond merchants in Sydney because they want to find a gem to use in a ring, but why not have your ring made by our jewellers and diamond merchants? Not only do you get to deal with diamond traders in Brisbane with many years of experience, we can also create diamonds engagement rings, a wedding ring or any other piece of jewellery your heart desires. Regardless of whether you visit a diamond merchant in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, you can be assured of receiving quality diamonds and a high level of personal service.

Visit our diamond merchants in Sydney and you can easily create a bespoke piece such as a custom engagement ring. Whether you want to find engagement rings, wedding rings or any other piece, we can create the ring of your dreams. At our diamond merchants in Brisbane, you can customise:

  • Your engagement ring style – whether you want traditional or modern, we can give you endless choices
  • The diamonds used – from square to princess cut, we can find the perfect diamonds for your ring
  • Colours – while white diamonds are the most popular choice in wedding and engagement rings, many diamond dealers in Australia are noticing a trend towards coloured diamonds, either as the main or accent stones

All you have to do to get started is make an appointment at our studio, and as diamond traders in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, you can choose a convenient location for you. It’s important to find reputable diamond dealers in Brisbane when you have bespoke jewellery made, so you can be sure you’re investing in quality gemstones and get a great overall finish.

When you’re looking for diamond merchants in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, make The Diamond Jewellery Studio your first call. Our diamond merchants in Melbourne are experts in finding stones that are unique or rare, or finding larger quantities of loose diamonds. Our Melbourne diamond traders also find the perfect stones for bespoke jewellery, so when you are searching for diamond merchants in Melbourne, Australia, we should be your first choice. Contact our diamond merchants in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney today by calling (07) 3012 8860 or e-mailing



Whether you’re looking for diamond jewellery or loose diamonds, your best bet is to get in touch with specialist diamond traders in Australia. You should look for sellers who are long-established and experts in their field, so you can be sure you are happy with your purchase.

If you want to buy diamonds, it’s important to find the best diamond dealers in your area. You should only buy from places that have an excellent reputation, so you can be sure your diamonds are genuine and ethically sourced. Look for diamond brokers who are well-established and have good reviews.

While there are plenty of diamond dealers online who seem to have offers that are too good to be true, you should be wary when buying gemstones via a website. It can be difficult to work out whether the gems are good quality, or even if they’re fake. While you may get wholesale prices, the quality isn’t always there.

One of the best ways to buy diamonds in Australia is to work with Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney diamond merchants. These will usually be reputable jewellers who know a lot about diamonds and can source the gems you want, so you can be assured of quality.