Nothing is more special than having your own piece of jewellery made for you, and if you’re looking for Australian jewellery designers, Nick Ireland is the best choice. Running The Diamond Jewellery Studio for many years means that Nick has a reputation as one of the best jewellery designers in Brisbane, and with branches in Sydney and Melbourne too, it’s easy to make an appointment to have your own piece designed and made.

At The Diamond Jewellery Studio, you get to sit down with Australian handmade jewellery designers who specialise in diamond pieces for those special occasions. Whether you want an engagement ring, wedding ring or some amazing earrings, you can work with Australian jewellery designers that make sustainable and ethical pieces that last a lifetime. Make an appointment with our jewellery designers in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney today to find out more.


Many jewellery designers work with a range of materials, which is great if you want costume pieces. However, if you’re looking to invest in a lifetime piece like an engagement ring or bridal set, then you should work with a jewellery designer such as Nick Ireland who specialises in all-things diamond to ensure you get the best result for your money.

A lot of clients come to our Brisbane jewellery designers because they want to create something bespoke and sentimental. Obviously, when you buy something like an engagement ring or diamond necklace, it’s a considered purchase, which is why you want the best for your money. Choosing designer women’s jewellery means that you get something special and unique, rather than mass-produced. Our jewellery makers Brisbane can help you with the design, and also help you choose the exact diamonds that’ll be set in your piece, from a solitaire to smaller accent stones. Working with our Brisbane jewellery designers also means you can choose white diamonds of the highest quality, or a unique coloured gem, which is becoming increasingly popular.


You may be searching for an Australian jewellery designer as you’ve been looking for a certain style, and not had any luck finding it. When you shop high street jewellers, there’s usually a very limited range of styles depending on what’s in fashion right now, and few opportunities for customisation. That’s why, if you want something unique and special, you should visit a Brisbane jewellery designer such as Nick Ireland, so you get lots of chances to pick and choose what you want.

When you come to us for custom jewellery in Brisbane, we can create a number of different pieces, including:

  • Engagement rings – one of the most popular requests for our Australian jewellery designer is bespoke engagement rings. As a big purchase, it’s worth working with a jewellery expert to get what you want
  • Wedding rings – from plain wedding bands that sit alongside your engagement ring, to diamond wedding bands with extra sparkle or matching rings for him and her, the options are endless
  • Earrings – diamond earrings make the perfect gift, and as a Brisbane jewellery designer, we can ensure your diamonds are the perfect pairing
  • Necklaces – if you want to buy a diamond necklace for an anniversary or special gift, working with fine jewellery designers makes it easy to get the look you want and to find something completely unique

There are many occasions where you might want to work with a jewellery designer in Melbourne, and at The Diamond Jewellery Studio, we make it easy to create a piece of jewellery or a matching set with the highest quality diamonds.


Another great reason to use handmade jewellery designers rather than visiting a chain jeweller is that you are supporting local, Australian businesses.

When your piece is made by our handmade jewellery designers, we mostly use diamonds mined in Australia, so you can be sure your precious stones are ethically sourced. We also use solid gold such as yellow, white or rose gold that is Australian in origin where possible, so your jewellery is truly locally made. If you’re looking for designer jewellery in Brisbane or any area of Australia, visiting an independent jeweller such as The Diamond Jewellery Studio means you’re much more likely to be pleased with the end result and get the piece you want. 

Don’t spend hours visiting dozens of jewellery stores to get the perfect item. Whether it’s an engagement ring or special pair of earrings, get in touch with our Australian jewellery designers at The Diamond Jewellery Studio. To get started, simply call us on (07) 3012 8860 or e-mail and we can discuss the process.



There are a number of great jewelry designers in Australia, each of which has their own unique style, so it’s hard to pick the best. If you are looking to commission your own piece, it’s worth looking for a designer who specialises in bespoke jewellery in Brisbane, as they’ll have the skills to turn your idea into reality.

When you visit a jewellery designer for a custom design, you’ll usually have an appointment where you sit down and discuss your needs, and either a sketch or image is made up to give you an idea of the finished product. Custom designs are then made in the jeweller’s workshop to your specification.

While it’s easy to find Australian jewellery designers online, it’s often better to have a face to face or video call appointment with the designer rather than simply buying through their online shop. Creating custom jewellery is quite an involved process, and this ensures attention to detail.

Australia is lucky enough to have many talented jewellery designers, and it’s hard to pick the best, as each has their own style and specialisms. You’ll find jewellery makers in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney who design everything from high-end diamond jewellery to cool costume pieces, so pick one who suits your style.